Globalisation (1)

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Globalization : The process by which people, cultures, money, goods and information can be transferred between countries with few or no barriers.

Interdependence : Mutual reliance on one another

Uniform Product : Everything is the same

Cultural Diversity : Different cultures in different countries

Why is Globalization good?

  • Jobs created
  • High quality, low priced goods
  • Unskilled workers are used as effective staff
  • Brought about a degree of security
  • Benefits in terms of a greater choice of products and prices

Why is Globalization bad?

  • No-one can feel comfortable or confident about what is coming next
  • Millions may die from famine in places like China, India and Africa
  • Banks and Insurance companies suddenly announce redundancies
  • Greater consumption of infinite resources such as copper and oil

Two speed world


  • Provide jobs in factories, Indonesia
  • Bulgaria, known brands


  • Lost industries, de-industrialization, Leeds textile industries
  • Everyone is the same
  • Cultural Homogenization

How has Globalization evolved?

Trade and Colonialism are two ways that countries have been economically, culturally and politically connected to the past.However modern globalization (post 1940's) is different as connections are:

  • Lengthening: new links are establishing with places that are far away 
  • Deepening: linking to other people and places in more areas of our lives

A Shrinking World: feels smaller as we communicate with other countries and find out about


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