Globalisation, green crime, human rights and state crime

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Crime and globalization -

  • Held et Al - there has been a globalization of crime
  • Catells argues there is a global criminal economy worth £1 trillion per annum.
  • This takes many forms - trafficking, cyber crime, drugs, sex tourism

Global risk consciousness -

  • Globalization now causes new insecurities or risks.
  • The risk is now seen as global rather than tied to certain places.
  • On result is tighter border controls.

Globalization, capitalism, crime -

  • Marxists - Taylor believes globalization has led to greater inequality 
  • TNCS can now switch manufacturing to low wage countries to gain higher profits
  • deregulation means governments have little control over their own economies and state spending on welfare has declined. 
  • This has produced new crime and rising crime -
  • Among the poor, greater insecurity makes people turn to crime 
  • Globalization causes large scale crime opportunities 
  • new employment can cause crime - flexible workers - working illegally 

Patterns of criminal organization -

1. Glocal organization -

  • This is different from Mafia-style criminal organizations of the past.
  • Although they have global links, crime is still rooted in its local context

2.McMafia -

  • Glenny examed McMafia - Organisations that emerged in Russia and Eastern Europe after the fall of communism 1989. 
  • The Russian government deregulated much of the economy, leading to huge rises in food and rent. 



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