Globalisation - the emergence of a complex web of interconnected, as a result of multiple transboundary forces that reduce national control over what happens in state boundaries.

There are many questions as to the processes of globalisation, is it americanisation, westernisation, can it be stopped etc. However, its evident that it has had a profound effect on states, people's lives, state sovereignty, democracy, and people's identities. Globalisation has led to the closing of industries, loss of jobs, lowering living standards and an increase in immigration. Yet, there has been a significant improvement of communication technology making time and place almost irrelevant.

Process of globalisation and factors.

  • People - People appreciate the benefits of improved communication, ease of conducting business and shopping transactions, they aren't bothered if the product is produced and dispatched from China, yet are concerned about the loss of employment in their local areas. They can travel more easily and cheaply, experience new cultures previously…


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