Disaster/hazard frequency

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Disaster/hazard frequency

Explain the increasing frequency of hydro-meteorological hazards? (15)

  • Explain what hydro-meterological hazards are - when atmospheric patterns and water processes mix resulting in floods, droughts etc.
  • Effect of global warming - planet is warming. warming of earth = warm air rises = convection currents = hurricanes that lead to flooding and strong winds. Additionally, increasing temps = increased evaporation = increased levels of precipitation and therefore flooding.
  • Effect of increased media coverage - more disasters being reported than in past due to improvements in technology worldwide. 
  • Human factors that increase frequency - increase in population so more people are susceptible to hazards e.g floods, humans are building more infastructure to house increasing population so more impermeable surfaces e.g concrete, exploitation of resources such as deforestation and loss of wetlands can lead to flooding.


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