Global Systems and Global Governance 10

Globalisation brings benefits:

  • Integration - allows countries to pool their resources to solve global issues that are too greater for a single country to deal with. Greater integration of information and people creates a better understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Development - foreign investment brings capital into a country, which can be used to improve education and infrastructure. This is turn can attract further trade and investment, which leads to further development. Global institutions can direct resources to help countries develop further.
  • Stability - as countries become more interconnected, they become more dependent on one another. This discourages any actions that would upset global stability, because of the negative consequences for all countries.
  • Economic growth - participation in global trade allows coutnries to profit from their natural resources and specialist industries, generating wealth. Countries can also gain products and services that they would be unable to produce themselves…




effective summary of benefits and costs

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