Gladstone's Second and Third Ministries 1880-1886

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Gladstone's Second Ministry: 1880-June 1885                                                                           Gladstone's Third Ministry: February 1886-August 1886                                                            

1880 the Liberal Party was returned to power with a large majority and Gladstone returned as leader. His ministry was dogged with problems and was called 'Ministry of All the Troubles'. Affairs in Ireland came to dominate the ministry, and it was partly due to these that he lost power in June 1885. Although, he returned to office for 7 months in 1886, the events within these months caused the split of the Liberal Party.

There were many problems in this ministry:

  • Gladstone's government included some radicals (Joseph Chamberlain & John Bright). However, most of his cabinet was made out of whigs. There was a strain and divisions between the Whig 'right' and the Radical 'left'. There were problems holding them together. 
  • In particular Gladstone and the Radicals clashed over the idea of Social Reform. Gladstone continued to believe in Self Help. Whigs were also hostile to the idea of government intervention in social issues. 
  • Bradlaugh case in 1880. Charles Bradlaugh was elected Liberal MP


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