Gladstone And Disraeli

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Benjamin Disraeli

  • Early life
  • Born in London (1804)
  • Comes from a Jewish family
  • Literary background
  • At the age of 12 he was Baptized a Christian ... his father thought that this would make D more socially accepted and therefore, more accepted into politics.
  • Born a Jew
  • Family name  - D'Israeli
  • He did not go to university
  • BUT... always surrounded by books
  • Also, no public school
  • Brief education
  • He is taught at a local church school
  • Majority of it he taught himself from his fathers extensive library
  • Unwise speculator ---> had debts, liked to gamble
  • 1830's he lived in fear of his creditors
  • When in parliament he would leave from the back entrance to not get "intimidated" by his creditors
  • Novelist
  • Vivian Gray... A flop?
  • Best seller
  • However, when found that a poor Jew had written this, it was heavily slated
  • 1827-1830 (aged 22) Disraeli has a full mental breakdown for 3 years
  • When he gets over his depression he goes traveling (1830-1831)
  • He finds himself
  • Finds his Jewish roots
  • Socialite
  • LOVES to wear flamboyant and bright clothing, which does not contrast
  • Ringlets in his hair
  • He emphasized them
  • He gets a "dandy" reputation
  • On his travels he spends a lot of time with Edward Litton
  • They go to parties together
  • Talk about literature in each others sleeping quarters
  • Litton's wife says that D and Litton were having an affair
  • D used to like older women
  • Politics -A very slow start
  • 1832- interest in politics because of his debt?
  • Why did D join politics?
  • 1) Strongly against 1832 reform act
  • - Both think that it will threaten state institutions?
  • -Church
  • -Monarchy
  • -Aristocracy
  • ^ All 3 = example of traditional conservatives
  • 2) Others say he joined politics because he was in sever debt?
  • 1832-1835---S L O W !
  • 3 times D stands to be a radical MP and 3 times he fails!
  • Hates G because G got in with no struggle
  • Lord Lyndhurst
  • Tory MP 1837
  • Both share bed of Lady Sykes
  • Disraeli = good with written work
  • 1837 speech ; he is accepted as a Tory MP
  • 1837 first speech; Goes VERY badly!
  • Insults the Irish MP's
  • These MP's make a huge racket!


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