Gladstone And Disraeli

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William Gladstone

  • Prosperous background
  • Born in 1809 (Liverpool)
  • Wealthy family -  his father is John Gladstone
  • John Gladstone is a merchant
  • (JG) is clever with money
  • invests it into property, shipping and west India (sugar and slave trade)
  • (WG) is his father's favorite, and so is therefore, spoilt
  • 1816-1821; local church of England school
  • Devout Christian
  • Then went on to study and be educated in Eton college
  • Then went to Oxford university
  • He achieved double firsts in Maths and Classics
  • Whilst at Oxford, he was president of the debating society
  • It was at these debates that he was titled as a great orator
  • He therefore, gets a good reputation for being well spoken
  • He is a passionate churchman
  • (Fully Christian upbringing)
  • Till 1832 he was content on becoming a priest
  • However, the 1832, Reform act made him go into politics
  • G did not want reform
  • He was worried that the government and church would collapse if the working class got the vote
  • 1838 he wrote his first book
  • It tells about the states in its relation with the church
  • He wanted to make sure that the church of England was fully protected
  • G was socially priggish/ awkward
  • (priggish) means he liked to do socializing correctly
  • He was strong with vast nervous energy
  • Yes, he was diligent and determined, strong minded, hardworking... but he needed to constantly occupy his brain
  • He has never been around women
  • Success in politics
  • Phenomenal rise as a Tory MP
  • 1832 elected as an MP for Newark
  • He was only 22 years old then and already a high Tory
  • He would not tolerate the idea of change
  • against abolition of slavery
  • factory reform (minimum wage for factory workers)
  • Poor law reform
  • Peel appoints G the junior lord of the treasury
  • Then the under secretary for war and the colonies. 
  • Robert Peel's 2nd government
  • 1841-1846 Peel makes G vice president
  • Peel is scared of G "nervous energy"
  • 1843 G sis made president for board of trade... (cabinet)
  • G's made chancellor of the exchequer twice…


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