Gladstone foreign policuy

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 Gladstone and Egypt in 1878:

  • Anglo-French Dual Commission- protect foreign investors and restore stabiity.
  • Nationalist rise- 1881- Arabi Pasha led a Nationalist rebellion which seized power and banned foreign investors.
  • Gladstone sanctioned the snding of warships to Alexandria but France backed out.
  • The uprising was defeated and the Khedive returned to throne and Egypt was Britain's first Middle Eastern power. 
  • Arabia Pashi was captured and killed.
  • London Conference failed. 
  • Gave up Congo Basin to Germany.

Gladstone and Sudan in 1883-5- (Sudan was controlled by Egypt- so he had to get involved)

  • Mahdi declared a Jihad- Holy war
  • Wanted independence.
  • Gladstone sympathised with the Mahdi's right to self- government.
  • He sent General Gordon to get families out…


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