glacial deposition landforms

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2 types of deposition:

  • glacial deposition- deposition directly from glacier
  • fluvioglacial deposition- deposition resulting from meltwater either as part of or away from glacier.
  • drift- name of all glacial deposits



  • large bolders with different geology to the surrounding rocks.
  • carried and dumped by the ice


  • drift thats been deposited by the glacier, made of fine material
  • ablation till- dropped by stagnent ice- snout of glacier melts releasing material and depositing it.
  • Lodgeman till- dropped by moving glaciers- caused by friction between the glacier and the valley floor and sides casuing ice to melt and drop material
  • drift is unstratisfied- material varies in size, geology and has no distinct layers


  • material bulldozed…


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