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Background of Poet

  • Mimi Khalvati was born in Tehran and raised on the Isle of Wight
  • She went to boarding school
  • She strated writing poetry after having children


  • A Ghazal is a form of ancient persian poetry
  • They are often connected wiht the idea of love and longing
  • Poem mentions the famous writer Rumi, who wrote a series of Ghazals to his close friend.


  • The speaker is seeking the attention of another person
  • The response of the onbject of their affections is unclear but suggests that her feelings are not reciprocated


  • The poem is written in couplets
  • Gives the impression of pairs, and by writing in this structure the poet is forcing the pair to be together, even when their feelings are not the same


  • Extensive use of metaphors, comparing the relationship to two complimentary objects, reflecting the way the speaker views the relationship
  • Compares to a rhyme and a refrian, Suggests that the two are part of a larger whole, though the speaker is the lesser half (less inventive, orignial, important).
  • Speaker uses 'spell' to suggest that love is magical and powerful, referencing its ability to change people and 'subdue' a venemous snake. Could suggest that she sees herself as unworthy because snakes are connected with evil.
  • Low self-esteem shown in 'laurel leaf in your crown', shows the 'partner' to be a high achiever, worthy of laurel crowns where as…


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