Gewirtz: Parental choice

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Gewirtz: Parental choice

Marketisation benefits the middle class by creating inequalities between schools, by increasing parental choice, marketisation also benefits parents whose wealth and cultural capital puts them in a better position to choose 'good' schools.

  • Gewirtz study of 14 London secondary schools. 
  • Differences in how far they can exercise choice of secondary school.
  • 3 main types of parents 
    • Privileged-skilled workers
    • Disconnected-local choosers 
    • Semi-skilled choosers

Privileged-skilled workers

  •  Mainly middle class professional workers who used their economic and cultural capital to gain educational capital for their children.
  • Able to take full advantage of the choices open to them, understood how school admissons work, had the time to visit schools and research options available 


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