Germany 1914 - 45 - Important Dates

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Important Dates

1914 Start of World War 1

1918 The Armistice was signed. The End of World War 1.

1919 June The Treaty of Versailles was signed

January The Sparticist Uprising

Adolf Hitler Joined the Nationalist Socialists

1920 The Red Rising in the Ruhr

The Kapp Putsch

1921 Hitler became the leader of the Nazis

1923 8th Nov Hitler interrupted the Beer Hall meeting

  9th Nov The Munich Putsch and Hitler was arrested


French Occupation of the Ruhr

1924 The Retenmark was introduced

Purusaded the French to leave the Ruhr

The Dawes Plan

1929 The Young Plan

1924 The Golden Era of the Weimar Republic

1928 Goebbels was made Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment

1929  The Wall Street Crash



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