Germany 1971- 1918

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The second reirch

Germany was known as the second reich from 1871-1918. Alternative titles include Imperial Germany or Wilhelmine Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm ll ruled from 1888-1918.

Constitution of the second reich.

Germany was  a hereditary monarchy, ruled by the Kaiser. Parliament comprised of the reichstag and the reichstrat. The reichstag was elected by universal male sufferage every 3 years. The reichstrat represented the individual states of Germany. There was a written constitution but no statement of individual rights

Where did the real power lie?

The kaiser controlled foreign policy and the army. It was the kaiser who appointed the chancellor (prime minister). The chancellor didn't requuire the support of the reichstag to remain in officve. The reichstag could pass or reject laws but couldn't remove the chancellor from office. The reichstrat could veto any reichstag legislation.

Outbreak of ww1

The Kaisers desire for weltpolitik created tension in europe. He offered to support Austria in july 1914 if her plan to attack Serbia brought about Russian intervention. The schlieffen plan provoked war with france and…


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