Germanicus + Piso --- The Death of Germanicus

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The Death Of Germanicus

Saevam vim morbi augebat persuasio veneni a Pisone accepti; et repreriebantur solo ac parietibus erutae humanorum coporum reliquiae, carmina et devotiones et nomen Germanici plumbeis tabulis insculptum, cineres semusti ac tabo obliti aliaque malefica quibus creditor animas numinibus infernis sacrari.

The belief of poison received from Piso was increasing the cruel force of the illness; and dug-up remains of human bodies were found in the floor and walls, (and) spells and curses and the name of Germanicus inscribed on lead tablets, (and) ashes, charred and smeared with rotten flesh, and other evil objects by which it is believed that souls are dedicated to the gods of the Underworld.

Simul missi a Pisone incusabantur quod valetundinis adversae signa exspectarent.

At the same time, (men) sent by Piso were suspected on the grounds that they were awaiting signs of ill-health.

Haec Gemanico haud minus ira quam per metum accepta sunt.

These things were received by Germanicus with anger no less than through fear.

Componit epistulam qua amicitiam ei reuntiabant.

He composed a letter with which he broke off his friendship with him.

Germanicus paulisper se credidit convalescere; deinde fessum fiebat corpus.

For a little while Germanicus believed that


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