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Piso In Syria

at Cn. Piso, quo celerius consilla inciperat, postquam Syriam ac legiones attigit, largitione et ambitu intimos militum iuvabat.

But Gnaeus Piso, in order to begin his plans more quickly, after he reached Syria and the legions, was helping the lowest of the soldiers with generous gifts and bribery.

cum veteres centuriones, severos tribunos demovisset, locaque eorum clientibus suis attribuisset, desidiam in catris, licentiam in urbibus tascivientes per agros milites sinebat.

When he had removed


Her Dudelmann


Generally good; however, your translations of imperfect tenses could be improved (e.g 'he BEGAN to allow idleness in the camp' would be better). Moreover, it should be; "Nor was Plancina, the wife of Piso, conducting herself as was proper for a woman."

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