Gerald Croft

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  • represents the selfish attitudses of the upper class and the views of the older generation, despite being the younger generation
  • complex character


  • polite/well mannered
  • dishonest
  • tactiful/cunning
  • wrong intentions/morals
  • selfish

Character progression

  • doesn't change his attitudes- ingrained attitudes of the upper class
  • disappoints the audience, they expect him to change but he doesn't because of his upbringing

Key Quotes

'I suppose it was inevitable. She was young and pretty and warm hearted'

  • some sense of regret- 'i suppose'- reflecting on the matter
  • adjectives= mainly focused on appearance - still materialistic
  • however, clear that he was actuallt fond of Eva, the relationship followed- more compassion than he appears to have- different to eric who clearly used her
  • Priestley may be suggesting that class does not matter. Barriers…


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