Gerald and Social Responsibility

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How does Gerald relate to the theme of Social Responsibility?

- "I believe you're right"

In response to Birling's predictions for the future of the country, which the audience already knows are wrong. Gerald agreeing to Birling pushes him into the same box as him; ignorant rich folks who belittle and silence the efforts of the poor, always looking out for themselves instead of each other. This insinuates that Gerald has not yet grasped the meaning or importance of social responsibility, and is against the concept at the start of the play due to his inclination to agree with Birling.

- "I've never known an Eva Smith"

Although Gerald is wrong here, in that he did 'know' the woman who was Eva Smith, there is some truth to his comment. Apart from having an affair with Eva before discarding her when she no longer suited him, Gerald really didnt know Eva - at least not with the same depth and emotional connection as he did his fiancee, Sheila.

This observation may be taken as…


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