George quotes


 ' I could live so easily'  here we see the friendship between George and Lennie and the difference between their relationship and those of the ranch hands.

' I could stay in a cat house all night' here we get a real insight into the lives of the ranch hands and the lives of Lennie and George.

' We got a future' the first signs of the main theme 'The American Dream' come through here as we see that George and Lennie want to strive towards a better life than one of a ranch hand.

' We got somebody to talk to'  the companionship between George and Lennie is very unusual in the time period of this book and the fact that they have each other makes them unique. Other characters such as Carlson, Slim,Candy and Crooks all represent the theme of loneliness and friendship in some way.

' don't even take a look at that *****' various messages are displayed in this quote, for example there is a sense…


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