GEOGUNIT3: Development- 'Booming' Bangalore megacity

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Bangalore, India

  • Bangladore is Indias most fastest growing city, where urban gowth has increases significantly.
  • Rushhour in Bangalore resembles chaos. Three lanes are marked out for traffic and this can increase to five at extreme cases. Traffic in the centre city is down to two lanes. This is due to cows on the road, which follow the water bowser due to the fresh greenery. The cow is sacred and takes priority.
  • Bangladore is indias hub in the 'new economy' as it is the centre of new technology, finance and the knowledge economy.
  • 40% of Indias 1.3 million in the IT industry are based in Bangladore. By liberalising Indias economy in the early 1990, the indian government allowed large numbers overseas companies to set up operations there.
  • British aiways set up iots accounting operations in India in 1996, setting a trend for out-sourcing.
  • wages in Bangalore are only 10% of those in London.
  • Now, a whole range of out-sourced operations are based…


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