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Tropical rainforests

  • Between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • Follows the equator
  • Hot (20-28°C) and wet all year round.
  • The soil isnt very fertile as leaching (where the nutrients are washed away from the soil by the rain) happens.
  • Most trees are evergreen.
  • Forest floor, Shrubs,Under canopy, Canopy, Emergents


  • Found inbetween 15° and 13° north and south of the equator where there is little rainfall (less than 250mm per year).
  • It is very hot (45°C) during the day and very cold (5°C)during the night.
  • There is hardly any leaf fall so the soil isn't very fertile and it is dry.


  • Found in the high latitudes (60°N-70°N)
  • It is near the North Pole 
  • The temperature varies from  summer being 20-25°C to the winter being -40°C.
  • There is little rainfall
  • There is a permanent layer of frozen soil that remains below freezing point called permafrost.

Deciduous forests

  • It is found in the mid latitudes where there are 4 distinct seasons- Winter,Spring,Summer,Autumn.
  • Found in the Northern hemisphere.
  • Summers are are warm, winters are relatively mild and there is rainfall all year round.
  • Deciduous trees lose their leaves to cope with the colder weather.

Development of the tropical rainforest

  • Flooding -Vast areas of the rainforest are destroyed to create a resevoir. Submerged forests makes the water very acidic which erodes turbines and so the dams are blocked with soil.
  • Cattle Farming/Crops - This accounts for 80% of tropical rainforest destruction.The


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