Geography unit 2 - people and planet - Changing cities

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 (b) Define the term eco-footprint. (2)

The amount of land required to support the lifestyle of a group of people based on the amount of resources they use such as food, water, shelter and space.

* (c)  Explain why the eco-footprints of the cities in the developed world are so large. (6)

Eco footprints in developed countries are so large because they are use to the expensive lifestyle that they have. Developed countries have high levels of personal consumption as the majority of people use cars to get around which increases the amount of energy they use. A lot of people in developed countries travel abroad for their holiday which increases the amount of CO2 they produce. Developed countries import goods from other countries which increases their food miles. A lot of people in developed countries do not understand how the things they do can have a big impact on the environment, so lots of people do not recycle increasing the amount of waste produced by the country. Developed countries have more money than less-developed countries so they




that is really good 5/5 does this go under urbanisation because i have an exam in 4 DAYS.

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