geography unit 1- going global

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Topic 1- globalisation

'Globalisation' definition; The process by which people, their culture, money ,goods, information, is able to be transferd with very few/ no barriers.

The origins of globalisation

1) Trade;

  • The world economy took off after 1492- Columbus first landed in America and gained europen control
  • European countries became wealthy- traded with colonies for raw materials

2) Colonialism;

  •  Late 19th centuary- British empire owned 1/4 of world
  • Colonies include; - The caribbean, sugar plantations
  •                             - Africa, young slaves/ collapse in african empires.
  • Lead to core- (Europe, N.America, Japan) and periphary- (Africa, Caribbean)
  • 'Dependency theory'-core depends on periphary and periphary depends on core.
  • 'Modernisation theiory'- western investment can reduce povery, preventing the spread of communism



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