Geography - The Restless Earth Case Studies

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The Alps, Fold Mountains - 

1.Farming and forestry - Most farms located on the south facing slopes due to them being sunnier and warmer. traditional pattern of dairy farming is called transhumance, in summer cattle are takem upto the higher alp to graze this allows small fodder crops to be grown on the vally floor. In the winter the cattle are lead onto the valley floor and kept in cattle sheds and stall fed on the fodder crops grown in the summer.

Coniferous trees cover the slops, more on the north facing. this makes the wood plentiful and is used as main building material and fuel. sawmills are located next to rivers and timber that cannot be used to construct anything is made into pulp and paper.

2. Tourism - Winter tourism, snow for skiing and other winter sports.

Flatter land on high-level benches for hotels.

Steeps slopes good for ski runs and mountain views, 

-Summer tourism - Large glacial lakes for water activities such as crusies and sailing.

Beautiful scenery, and activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking white water rafting, paragliding etc.

3. Hydro-electric power - steep slopes, high


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