Geography- Population Dynamics case studies

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Hey everyone here are some notes on the things you need to learn for each case study :)
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Population policies

Anti-natalist policy- Iran 

  • Women are encouraged to wait 3-4 years between each pregnancy.
  • Don't have children if you are younger then 18 or older than 35.
  • Families should limit to 3 children.
  • Religious leaders have encouraged family planning and the Government covers 80% planning costs.
  • Maternity leave is restricted for mothers who have more than 3 children.

Pro-natalist policy- Estonia

  • The Government introduced a 'Womens salary' where women were paid to have children.
  • Working women would receive 15 months fully paid maternity leave and non-working women would receive $200 per month

Migration policies


  • 12.4% of the population are immigrants and at least 1/3 are illegal immigrants.
  • The Immigration Act's aim was to…




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