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Cold environments:

Peri glacial feature - Stone polygons. These are formed by permofrosted ground differentiating rocks and hydraulically forcing them to the surface. This opens cracks in the ground forming a polygon shape.

Fluvioglacial feature - Kettle holes.

Sub glacial feature - Drumlins. Remember Kings theory - Accumulation and Thompson's collapsing and accumulation.

Terminal Moraine - debris within a glacier in which is deposited in excess deposits.

Recessional Moraine - When a glacier reseeds the material within it's melt water will be deposited within stages of recession.

Glacial Retreat - When a glacier is static, it's in Equilibrium. This state of perfection can be interrupted by a decrease in accumulation and excess cloud cover. This then alters the equilibrium and forces a net loss of ice and snow to be lost. This forces the glacier to retreat.


Energy Mix - UK and Iceland. Iceland has a 68% geothermal reliance and a 82% reliance on renewable energy. UK has only a 3-4% reliance on renewable and about 0.2% reliance on geothermal power. 9% Nuclear. This is down to the hand of God - Positioning of countries.

Multinationals - Shell extract, refine, produce…


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