Geography - Ice on the land - case studies

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Glacier - case study

-The Rhone Glacier is in the swiss alps

-it is currently 7.8km long

-it has been retreating since the 19th century

The evidence of glacial retreat: Pictures from different times e.g. 1900 and 2008 it shows the glacier has retreated. monitoring data, it has been measured in 1879 and it has decreased since then. Measureing the meltwater, the meltwater is from the glacier melting in turn meaning it is retreating, the meltwater has created a lake from where the glacier used to be.

The main cause of the glacial retreat is due to global warming this is shown as the there is an increase of 0.9 degrees over the last 150 years, this is linked to the glacial retreat as shown on the graph. Switzerland has shown to be above global temperature rise as it has seen a rise in 1.8 degrrees, the reason of the rise is thought to be due to switzerland not having a coastline meaning the sea cannot have a cooling effect on Switzerland.

Impacts of tourisms in the French Alps - Chamonix

Positive impacts -

Economic benefits - employment for the locals in hotels, restraurants, sports facillities and guides, this in turn means extra jobs for the locals. these jobs could include construction due to hotels and sports facilities being built.

Extra income means that local…


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