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The area is one of the last remnants of a large sand dune system that once stretched along the coast from the river Ogmore to the Gower peninsula.

Some of the dunes now cover the site of an ancient town and castle and only the castle tower remains above ground.

The reserve contains flowers such as the fen orchid - a rare wild orchid, and has bird hides and a visitor centre with exhibition, shop and information point.

Bridgend County Council staff manage the reserve, and there are guided walks given by reserve wardens.

The reserve is open all year, and the visitor centre is open 2pm-4.30pm weekdays, 10am-4.30pm weekends.


The undeveloped salt marsh area south of the Fabian Way and north Jersey Marine Beach is a designated biological Site of Special Scientific Interest and is one of the last remaining places of the Swansea Bay


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