Geography fieldwork -Afon Angof River. GEOG2: GCE Geography UNit 2 - for if you don't have a fieldwork study

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Model FieldWork Day - Afon angof, Pembrokeshire

Aim: To investigate how the afon Angof changes with distance downstream

Purpose: Measure the channel parameters along certain points of the river

Hypotheses: Velocity will increase downstream
                    Cross-Sectional area will increase with distance downstream
                    The hydraulic radius will increase with distance downstream
                     Based on Bradshaw model of how channel parameters change with distance downstream

Location of Sites:
S/W Wales
On Afon Angof River - site 4 on Western Cldddau which Afon anfog flows into
Systamatric selection of sites
First order - Puncheston
Second Order - Little Newcastle
Third Order - Little Newcastle
Fourth Order - Wolf's Castle

Factors influencing choice of site
Easy acess
River not to deep
One of eachorder
Close to dale (Location where we stayed)
Safe sites to work in

Health & Saftey measures taken
Wind Chill - Sutible clothing
Weil's Disease - Rubber gloves and cover open wounds
Slippery Bedload/Rocks - Wellies with good grip
Varbed Wire
depp fast flowing water

Methods of Data collection
Quantative Data - Measurements - Depth…


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