Geography B Exploring Planet - Water World

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Topic Four- Water World


Why should we be concerned about water?

Value to humans

-          60% of your body is made from water

-          70% of your brain is made from water

-          80% of you blood is made from water

-          Your body cant survive one week without water

Scarcity of Freshwater

-          It covers most of the planet just 3% is fresh

-          Less than 1% of all fresh water is readily accessible

-           0.007% is available to drink

Population Growth

-          In the 20th century the world population tripled

-          The use of water grew 6 times

-          By mid-century there will be an additional 3 billion people

Agricultural demand

-          Grain defeats increases prices, rapid increase of disease and starvation

Industrial Development

-          Factories using water e.g. Paper Mill


Rising Living Standards

-          ¼ of all clean water is used to flush the toilet

-          A single load of laundry is 40 gallons

Growth of towns and cities

-          Due to over- pumping the groundwater is rapidly running out

Climate Change

-          Hotter climate means more droughts

-          Increase flooding

-          No clean accessible water

Unequal access to clean water

-          Poor countries = 3 gallons

-          Rich countries = 160 gallons

-          1 in 3 people lack access to adequate sanitation

-          1 in…


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