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A political map is on with just the borders no physical features.

The borders of Europe start in the straights of Gibralter, through the med sea south of corsica, north of cyprus, throught he bosphurus and around the north side of the black sea. North of georgia up the url mountains which parts europe and russia, round th eartic ocean, north of norway and west of the UK and back to spain.

Longest River

  • Danube-Germany-2860km 

 Highest Mountain

  • Mount Blanc-France/Itlay-4807m 

 Largest Country

  • Ukraine-603628 km squared 

 Smallest Country

  • Vatican City-0.44 km squared 

The EU was formed to stop the war in Europe, it was formed in 1948 by the Benelux countries(Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). The trade and treaties of the EU is when you accept and join the EU you allow other countries in the EU to use our waters etc and you can trade within the EU for free.

  • 1952-France, West Germany and Itlay 
  • 1973-Uk, Denmark and ROI 
  • 1981-Greece 
  • 1986-Spain and Portugal 
  • 1990-East Germany and West Germany become one
  •  1993-The euro was created 
  • 2004-Cyprus,Czech Rep,Estonia,Hungry,Latvia,Lithuania,Malta,Poland,Slovakia and Slovenia. 


  • 64600km squared 
  • Riga=Capital 
  • 2217053 pop 
  • East Europe 
  • More money from tourism 
  • Will grow in population as people can now go and work there without a permit 
  • More people will go there to live



Turkey should be in the EU as it needs help with the Kurds and Armenaians as they are fighting. Also it still has the death penalty which if they joined the EU would be gotten rid of immideatley. Also the situation between turkey and cyprus would be sorted out straight away.


Turkey shouldnt join the EU as its human rights are awful and they are at war which means it would need serious sorting out. So I think that they should have to prove that they can get rid of there death penalty and stop the war between them and cyprus.

Weather and Climate

Weather=the day to day change in temperature,win,rain and sushine.

Climate=the long term average of the weather normally over 30 years

Water cycle

  • Evaporation=the water turns to water vapour
  • Condensation=the water vapour turns into the clouds and freezes and turns back to water
  • Precipitaion=where the clouds cant hold that amount of water any more and it starts to rain
  • run off=if the rain lands on a mountain the route it takes back to the lake,sea, river


  • Relief=Wind picks up moisture and once the moisture reaches high land it has cool and condense and eventually it rains
  • Convectional=The sun heats the ground and the moisture goes above the ground as a convectional curret which once it reaches the clouds condenses and rains
  • Frontal=A warm front and a cold front meet and in the middle the lighter warm air gos above the heavier cold air and condenses and rains.


  • Cirrus=Thin and very high in the sky, clouds made of ice crystals as so high
  • Cumulus=Fluffy,high in the sky,bring showers,can turn into big heavy clouds which bring thunderstorms.
  • Stratus=Huge blankets of grey…


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