Geography test 2018 case studies

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River Landforms

the river wye exhibits landforms of both erosion and deposition.

- v-shaped valleys are found in the upper course of the river wye and along the tributaries in the plynlimon hills.

- waterfalls (for example, cleddon falls) are formed on some of the river wye's tributaries; the stretch of the river near rhayader is known for its spectacular series of rapids.

-the wye valley, a steep-sided river gorge, extends between goodrich and chepstow

-sweeping meanders have formed on the flat lowland plains to the south of hereford 

-levees and floodplains formed by extensive alluvium deposition are found in the middle and lower courses of the river 

impact of human activity and management

the environment agency describe the river wye as being highly urbanised. the river flows through several large settlements including Rhayader, Hay-on-Wye, hereford and chepstow. over 200 000 people live in the wye and usk (its tributary) river valleys. Much of the valley is used for farming, particularly in the river's middle and lower courses. the wye


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