Geog- unit 1- Antartic

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                                     Impacts on global warming on the Arctic

Global warming has lead to a major increase in temperatures inthe arctic.Many precdict that 50-60% of melting ice will be gone by 2100

Negative impacts;


  • Positive Albedo Feedback- Global warming causes a decrease in ice and snow, creating more dark surfaces such as land/ocean. These surfaces absorb more solar radiation, converting it heat, which increases temperatures even more, melting more ice and so on..... this cycle is known as the positive albedoe feedback.
  • Oil spills- Oil tanks create pollution and the risk of spillages.


  • The arctic food chain- As the waters become warmer, small marine plants( can only survive in specific conditions) die out, this means smaller fish have no food to feed on and die out, larger fish also die out, seals and then polar bears. This creates a negative multiplier…


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