Gentrification - Case Study

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Background - 

  • Islington is a borough in North London, with lots of Georgian and early Victorian houses, these were originally occupied by wealthy residents
  • In the late 19th century, railways expanded and made access to the city easier, so wealthier residents left Islington and moved out to the suburbs
  • Poorer residents from Central London moved into the area, which became overcrowded and they couldn't afford to maintain the housing so the area became run down.

Causes of Middle Class People Buying Properties in Islington - 

  • Increase in jobs in the service sector and a decrease in manufacturing jobs. 
    • People working in the service sector tend to be young, well paid and work long hours so needed to live close to the city centre.
  • Islington was well connected to the city centre with its own underground station
  • Houses in Islington were large and attractive, and much cheaper…




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