• Nuclear genome of humans is composed of 22 diffrent autosomes, and an X and Y chromsomes. 
  • Human cells have a mitocondrial genome composed of a single circular chromosome. 

Overview of chromosome mapping 

  • Term mapping refers to the experimental process of determing the relative location of genes and other segments of DNA on individual chromosomes.  
  • Researchers may follow any of three general approaches to mapping a chromosome, cytogentic linkage or physical mapping. 
  • Cytogenic mapping - aimed at determing the locations of specific aquences, such as gene sequences, withing chromosomes that are viewed under microscope. When stained chromosomes of a given species has a charactertic bading pattern, genes are mapped cytogentically relative to a band loaction. 
  • Likage mapping uses the frequency of recombiniton between diffrent genes to determine their relative spacing and order along a chromosome. Linkage mapping involves crossing among organisms that are hereozygous for two or more gases. 
  • Physical mapping - involves…


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