Genome research and testing

Genome research and testing

Scientists might be able to use genes to predict diseases and provide us with new and better drugs.


Scientists have identified all of the genes ound in the human genome.This has lots of potential use inmedicene by comparing genomes with/without a certain disease, scientists try to identify genetic varients involved in disease. People the can be tested for the genetic vrients linked to a certain disease.

Improve healthcare

1)Some genetic varients put you at higher risk of a disease (e.g. some cancers) If people know they could make lifestyle changes to reduce risk.

2)Sometimes a precense of a genetic varient/s means someone will definetely have a disease e.g. Two coppies of the ressesive CF allele= cystic fibrosis

(in uk newborns are routinely tested for genetic varients, so doctors know if theyve inherited a genetic disorder if so treatment can begin early)

3) Some common genetic


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