Genetics - Sex inheritance and Sex Linkages

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(part 3)

(key: Chromo(s) - Chromosome(s))

Sex inheritance in humans

  • sex determined by chomosomes
  • females: 2X chromosomes, all female gametes are the same having X's
  • males : 1X, 1Y producing two types of gamete- 50% X , 50% Y

sex linkage - Haemophilia:

  • any gene carried on X/Y chromos are sex linked
  • X is longer than Y so on most of X's length, there is no equivilent homologous portion of the Y chromosome.
  • those characteristics conrolled by recessive alleles on the non homologous part of the X appears frequently in Males.
  • there is no homologous portion on Y which may carry a dominant allele.
  • X chromos carries many genes
  • in haemophilia, blood clots slow, and has slow constant jointal bleeding.
  • this resulted


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