Chromosomes, Genes and DNA 

Inside our cells are chromosomes which are made out of DNA. Our chromosomes contain the information that make us unique. In humans there are 46 chromosomes - 22 of these are in pairs (we got one from mum and one from dad) and the final two are sex chromosomes - ** for females and XY for males

We inherit our chromosomes from our parents; this is why we have characteristics which are similar to our mum and dad. 

Each chromosome is like a recipe book containing genes which are recipies for making various parts of us. Genes basically contain the coding to make a protein and it is protins that our bodies are made out of - skin, hair, blood, saliva and so on are all made out of proteins. 

When you look atone characterisic of an individual such as hair colour, you can see that there can be a variety of different types of gene (such as blonde, brown and black hair). This is because there are sever different versions of the gene for hair colour - the different verisons of the genes are called alleles. Enviroment can affect characteristics as we

Plant Cloning

A clone is a gentically identical copy of an organism. Cloning of plants has been taking place for thousands of years. If you take a cutting of a plant and place it into the ground and start warering it then it will grow into a new plant. As the plant only has one parent, it is genetically identical to it. 

Many plants do…


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