Genetic Factors in Aggressive Behaviour.

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  • Twin Studies
  • When a researcher studies DZ and MZ twins and finds similarities in MZ twins then this is viewed to be due to genetic factors.
  • Research finds that aggressive behaviour has a higher correlation in MZ than DZ twins.
  • Genes: MAOA
  • MAOA may be associated with individual aggression due to the fact that it breaks down neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline and dopamine after they have transmitted an impulse from one nerve cell to another.


  • Twin Studies
  • McGuffin and Gottesman: Found a concordance rate of 87 per cent for aggressive and antisocial behaviour for MZ pairs compared with 72 per cent for DZ pairs.
  • MAOA
  • Brunner et al: Studied a family in the Netherlands whose male members were violent and found they had abnormally


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