genetic factors in aggression

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Genes determine how much or specific hormones involved in aggressive behaviour such as testosterone are produced how fast they circulate and are responded to. There are two ways to measure the effect genetics having on aggression and behaviour the first is twin studies well if genes  have a 100% impact on aggression then mz Twins will have 100% concordant rate in that behaviour. The second is studying adopted children because if they share similar levels to parents it's genetic or adopted parents then it is more the environment influencing aggression. the M aoa gene is particularly linked to aggressive behaviour as it regulates the ma oh a enzyme to breakdown an remove excess amounts of dopamine and adrenaline which then controls aggression. this is because high levels of these neurotransmitters have been shown to cause aggression .however the defective MAOA gene Maoa-L means the enzyme  can't be produced so these neurotransmitters aren't broken down and high levels of aggression result .this can be seen as populations with a history of warfare have more people than


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