Gender and Crime

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  • Why do men commit more crime than women?
  • Men are the dominating force which have more freedom to do what they wish in society than women.
  • Men prefer to take part in social events which may entail negative behaviour such as going out for a few pints with the 'lads'
  • Official Crime statistics show that 87% of all recorded crime is committed by men.
  • Most crime committed by men from 18-24 yrs,are working class and crime is seen as a socialisation process.
  • 'Ladette' culture is challenging the implied links between deviance and masculinity. 
  • Frances Heidensohn (1985):
  • Female crime was either invisible or sociologists assumed stereotypical ideas on females.
  • Male dominance of offenders.
  • Male domination of sociology.
  • Vicorious identification: Mens interests are more exciting making sociologists want to study them.
  • Questions asked by Heidensohn:
  • 1. Are there differences in the amount of crime committed by women and men?
  • 2. Are there…


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