Gender and Achievement

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Gender and Achievement



  • Improving women's rights and opportunities.
  • Raised women's expectations and self-esteem.

Changes In The Family:

  • Increase in divorce.
  • Increase in cohabitation/Decrease in first marriages.
  • Increase in lone-parent families.
  • Smaller families.
  • New adult role models for girls.
  • Increase in divorce encourages girls to look after themselves and get qualifications to make a living.

Changes in Employment:

  • Equal Pay Act - illegal to pay women less than men for similar work.
  • Proportion of women in employment has risen.
  • Women are breaking 'glass ceiling' - invisible barrier to keep them out of high level jobs.

Changing Ambitions:

  • Instead of having love and marriage before a carrer, girls are now more likely to see their future as an independent woman with a career rather than being dependent on a male breadwinner. 


Equal Opportunities Policies

  • GIST (Girls Into Science and Technology) and WISE (Women Into Science and Engineering) encourage girls to get careers in non-traditional areas.
  • National Curriculum removed gender inequality by making boys and girls study the same subjects.
  • Schooling has become more meritocractic - girls who work harder than boys, achieve more.

Positive Role Models

  • Increase in female teachers and head teachers showing girls they can achieve positions of importance and giving them high


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