Gender Roles and Relationships: Decision Making



- This is an aspect of power relationships within the family; sociologists focus on the way in which men and women have influence over the decision-making process:

  • Financial decisions.
  • Child-rearing.
  • Housing.
  • Day-to-day decision-making.

Financial Decision Making

- Hardill et al (1997): In dual-earner households, men are still most likely to influence financial decision-making.

- Pahl (2008): The growth of separate finances for men and women compared with earlier research that suggested male-dominated pooling was most common.

- The gender pay gap influences the financial power that men and women have through individualised accounts.


- Treas and Tao (2011): Decisions on children are childcare are more likely to be joint, 75% of couples made joint decisions on bringing up children.

- Women are more likely to reduce employment to fit in with demands…


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