Gender in Psychology

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Universality and Bias

  • Psychology attempts to conduct research that is "objective" and "value-free".
  • However, psychologists possess beliefs and values that are influenced by the social and historical contexts they live in.
  • This can undermine the universality of the research.

Gender Bias

  • This occurs when research or conclusions favour one gender over the other or make one gender appear inferior to the other.
  • It is an issue because it leads to the misrepresentation of genders in research, conclusions and theories.
  • Usually in psychology it is women who are biased against.
  • Examples: Milgram, Zimbardo, Asch

Alpha Bias

  • Occurs when differences between males and females are exaggerated.
  • These differences are presented as real and enduring, as well as fixed and inevitable.
  • Theories that are alpha biased tend to devalue one gender in comparison


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