Gender Differences in Achievement - External Factors

ACHIEVEMENT TRENDS - girls achieve more than boys in terms of % of 5 A*-Cs at GCSE. The achievement of both has improved over time, but the gender gap (difference between them) has increased.




  • Impact of feminism - challenged stereotype of the housewife role & gave women more employment opportunities. McRobbie compared girls’ magazines in the 70s & 90s. 70s = all about marriage. 90s = independence.

  • AO3 - causes girls to work harder to get careers.

  • Changes in the family - more divorce, cohabitation & single parent families.

  • AO3 - single parent families = positive female role models for girls. Also, more divorce = girls don’t want to rely on men to provide for them - work harder in school to support themselves.

  • Changes in women’s employment - more women are working - encouraging girls to work hard in…


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