Gender Bias


Gender Bias

Gender bias = when considering human behaviour, bias is a tendency to treat one individual or group in a different way from others. In the context of gender bias, psychological research or theory may offer a view that does not justifiably represent the experience and behaviour of men and women (usually women). 

Alpha bias = psychological theories that suggest there are real differences between men and women. These may enhance members of either sex, but typically undervalue females.

Alpha bias within psychological research is that which exaggerates or overestimates differrences between the sexes. Although these differences may occasionally heighten the value of women, they are more likely to devalue females in relation to their male counterparts. 

An example of alpha bias is the sociobiological theory of relationship formation, which explains human sexual attraction and behaviour through the principle of 'survival efficiency'. It is a males interest to try to impregnate as many women as possible to increase the chances of his genes being passed on to the next generation. For the female, the best chance of preserving her genes is…


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