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Sex and Gender

  • Sex = biological differences between male and females i.e. chromosomes, hormones and anatomy.
  • Gender = pyschological and cultural differences between male and females i.e. attitudes, behaviours and social roles
  • Sex Role Stereotype = a set belief and preconceived ideas about what to expect or appropriate for males and females in a given society.
  • Gender Identity Disorder = when the biologically prescribed sex does not reflect the way you feel inside. 
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  • The Batista Boys - Family in the Dominican Republic, who identified as females until puberty, where they naturally became male.

Androgyny and the BRSI

  • Androgyny = displaying a balance of masculine and feminine characteristics
  • Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) = The first systematic attempt to measure androgyny using a a rating scale og 60 traits -
  • Evaluation =the scale would appear to be valid and reliable, assosiation between androgyny and psychological well being, oversimplifies a complex concept.

Role of chromosomesand hormones

  • Chromosmes = found in nucleus carries info in genes, the 23rd pair determines sex, male - XY. female - **.
  • Hormones = chemical subsance circulated in the blood taht controls and regulates the activity of cells and organs. Testosterone = influences sexual differences in womb, affecting internal/external genitalia, brain and beaviour. Oestrogen = has physical (development of breasts) and pyschological (PMT) effects. Oxytocin = helps facilitate childbirth and breastfeeding, increases five fold during sex, affects female behaviour. -
  • Evaluation = evidence to support the role of chromosomes and hormones - David Reimer, contradictory evidence, objuections to pre-menstual

Atypical Sex


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