GCSE Religious Studies Unit 2 (Religion and Society) Rights & Responsibilites.

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 Rights and Responsibilities

Bible as basis for making moral decisions- reasons for use of bible only: 1. believe bible word of God dictated by God to writers. Means Bible is God's guidance to humans & so absolute authority when come to moral decision making. 2. Bible contains God's teaching on behaviour telling how to behave seen in commandments, gives christians clear moral guide. 3. Bible contains teaching of Jesus on how to live, he is son of God so should follow his teaching about moral making secisions. 4. Bible record events in Jesus's life, means many ask selves how Jesus would behave in situation as his example best to follow. 5.Believe only Bible definitely authenticated by God so only by following bible can be sure moral decisions approved by God. Some christians accept Bible is important in making moral decisions argue how important...1. some believe Bible written by humans inspired by God  so many of its attitudes reflect social situation at time & needs to be revisied in modern light. 2. some use only Church to tell them what Bible means today, so put authority of Church over Bible. 3. Others believe in use of conscience or reason to decide whether to follow Bible in making moral decisions in 21st century.

Church as basis for making moral decisions- Only church= 1. believe church is body of christ, means Church is how Jesus works in world, so has authority. 2. most believe God didn't stop speaking to people after last book of bible written, believe he speaks through church. 3. Church community of Christian believers, must be guided by God so able to make moral decisions. 4. If individual make own decisions on everything could be lots of different opinions on how to behave, no one know right thing to do, following guidance of church solves this. 5. Expect Church to give guidance on christian life & making moral decisions big part of it. 6.Catholics believe authority of church comes from Magisterium which believe gives infallible guidance on moral behaviour.

Conscience as guide in making moral decisions- why some follow it-1. believe God speaks o them with conscience as it voice telling them what to and not to do. 2. Church says we should follow conscience as if voice of God and expected to follow teachings of God. 3. St Paul taught we should use conscience as final part of moral decision making. Some believe if great christian thinkers believe this theyshould follow it. 4. Teaching of Bible and Church don't directly come from God, bible translated and often needs to be interpreted. Church teachings come from Pope, bishops etc, conscience directly from God. Why some think not always follow- 1. people mistake voice of God could be Satan, could be mistaken with conscience. 2. if follow teachings of Bible doing what all Christians agree is Christian thing to do. 3. If follow teaching of church know others think what they do is right. 4. if everyone followed conscience…


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