GCSE - Religious Studies - Religious Attitudes to Matters of Life (Medical Ethics)

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Religious Attitudes to Matters of Life (Medical Ethics)

1.Sanctity of Life

This emphasises the value that life has for people. Most people value life and see it as important and that it should be respected/valued.

Chrisianity View/ how they would describe it:

  • Life is created and given by god so...
  • God has made a plan for all life...
  • Life therefore is precious and sacred..
  • Which means it should be respected so...
  • It's not to be destroyed.

Islamic View:

  • Similar views to Christians...
  • They believe Allah has a plan for all things and is the source of life.
  • Life is a gift from Allah
  • You should not destroy life without a good cause.

Islamic Quote:

'Do not take life - Which Allah has made Sacred - except for a just cause.' ... Surah 17.33

2.Human Genetic Engineering (and Designer Babies)     

Shows how we know so much about the human body we are able to alter the way and modify how an unborn baby develops by modifying DNA and a person's characteristics.

It can be used to prevent illness but can also be lead to families creating the 'Perfect' child i.e Designer Babies.

Saviour Siblings - Are children who are born for the reason of donating some of their stem cells to an existing brother or sister.

Stem Cells - Are cells that have the ability to grow into specific cells in the body that can be used to prevent/cure illness/disease.

Human Embyology - Is gaining Knowledge of unborn people by testing embryos.

Christianity Views:

  • Most are against as it leads to designer babies and through this they are playing god by creating the baby themselves.
  • Some say it helps to prevent disease. They would say that Jesus always showed love to each other.
  • Some think it is a good thing coming out of a bad thing, as most unused embryos are discarded.

Roman Catholic Views:

  • It goes against the Natural Law
  • Life begins at contraception so testing on an embryo is wrong.

FOR Genetic Engineering:

  • Should use technology to make our lives better.
  • Will help to banish disease

AGAINST Genetic Engineering:

  • Shouldn't play with nature.
  • Could lose our individuality.
  • Unnatural
  • Naturally born people may be at a disadvantage.


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