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Villagers flee war zone

Floods leave thousands homeless

Murderer given life sentence

Earthquake destroys hospitals

11) Explain, using examples, the difference between natural suffering and man-made suffering. (3 marks)

Man made suffering is suffering caused by humans - for example the murderer being given a life sentence. He is suffering because of his actions, therefore making his suffering man made. Natural suffering is suffering that is not controlled by man, but is caused by the natural enviroment - such as the earthquake and floods. These cause suffering from the natural events, but are not caused or controlled by man.

Natural suffering is caused by a natural event, e.g. earthquake, tornado, etc. / it is no one‟s fault / just the way nature is. Man-made suffering is caused by the actions of humans / intentional or unintentional, e.g. crime / accident / carelessness. 

12) Explain what religious believers might do when faced with suffering. (4 marks)

In the face of suffering, religious belivers such as Christians would say to trust in God. They would believe that the suffering is all part of Gods 'mysterious plan' and that you should help others, and 'love thy neighbour'.

Muslims would believe that in the face of suffering, you should be compassionate. Allah is the 'compassionate' and therefore, in the face of suffering, help should be given - such as the charity 'Muslim Aid'.



Way to stop suffering is to stop craving / follow Eightfold Path / overcome attachment / develop compassion / help others through practice of generosity / charity



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